Problems with CPU load / stutter sound / buffer problems

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Problems with CPU load / stutter sound / buffer problems

Postby Support-Team » Sun Jun 26, 2016 8:43 pm

These processes may require more cpu power:

- DMC wideband Clipper
- DMC 18 band Clipper
- Stereo Enhancer 18 band

If you are using a dual/quad or higher you should split up the processes Main and DMC to diferent cores.
If you are using more instances you should do the same with the cpu.
Menu => Optimizer => Processor => Affinity => Main

Instance 1 Main: cpu2
Instance 1 DMC: cpu3
Instance 2 Main: cpu4
Instance 2 DMC: cpu5

Small systems could have problems by processing more than one instance.
In case of problems with a small equipped computer you should disable the DMC and Stereo Enhancer.

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