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NEW! STUDIO OPTIMIZER v 3.0.17 Install- and trial version (download)

Posted: Mon Dec 04, 2017 3:44 pm
by Support-Team
04.12.2017 Version 3.0.17

This is the first version of the file based sound processing software for mastering. The STUDIO OPTIMIZER is used for mastering podcasts, music, commercials or legal audio such as tv commercials with the ebu r-128 loudness controller. This tool can be used without background knowledge, producer or technician.

- EQ
- Multiband compressor (2 or 6 bands)
- Multiband processing (2 or 6 bands)
- Multiband final limiter (2 or 6 bands)
- DMC (distortion masked clipper) for loudness
- Legal normalisation ebu R128 loudness controller (tv commercials) and leq(a)
- Limiter
- Trial version full features without limitation (time limited only)

DOWNLOAD the install- and trial setup here (you have to be registered to this site