Basic configuration for stable work

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Basic configuration for stable work

Postby Support-Team » Sat Jul 30, 2016 10:33 pm

If the software is running on a good equipped computer without any problems. To be secure that this is guaranteed you should set up the software like the following instruction:

Menu => Settings => Application Priority = Real Time
Run At Startup = checked
Menu => Optimizer => Soundcard => Settings => Settings => Priority = High
Menu => Optimizer => Processor => Priority => Main = High

If the cpu doesn't have much power you should disable the DMC Clipper at the processor, otherwise set
Menu => Optimizer => Processor => Priority => DMC = High

If more than one instance has been created the cpu affinity should be divided reasonable to the cores. For example for each instance one core, the core 0 should not be used.
Menu => Optimizer => Processor => Affinity => Main/DMC => check the required cores.

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