How can I setup the software for low latency?

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How can I setup the software for low latency?

Postby Support-Team » Thu Nov 17, 2016 1:26 am

If you need to monitor the processed signal in the studio, you have to switch-off all features, processes and operations which produces delay:

- Multiband Thread
- Final Limiters as Multiband Final Limiter and Threeband Final Limiter
(Not the regular MBL Multiband Limiter)
- Distortion Masked Clipper (DMC)
- Look-Aheads

If presenters hear a flange or bad sound while speaking you can switch-off also the Sidechain Filters.

You have to use the ASIO driver of your soundcard. Also you can use the ASIO4ALL driver if your soundcard is not supporting ASIO or you are using a virtual cable. You can download the latest driver in your prefered language here:

Switch-on the option "low latency" in the soundcard settings.

The maximum of delay that could not be realized as flange or bad microfone sound by the presenter while speaking is 10 to 15 ms. This could be reached with the settings above.

Here is a little trick how you can setup your RADIO OPTIMIZER for low latency without switching off the components as described above:
First create the sound image for your station. The delay could reach 15 to 40 ms, depends on the components, processors and look-ahead times which are used. If you found the perfect sounding you open a new instance and call it "off air LL". This will be your studio feed signal with low latency. Export and import your preset from the first instance to your "off air LL" instance and swich off all elements as described above (like MB Thread, Final Limiters and so on). Don't forget to setup the correct sound output channel. The first instance now is your original processing for FM oder HD, and the second is the low latency out for your studio.

If you have trouble to setup for low latency please contact our support team, we will help you!

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